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About Us

Who We Are

We are Steve and Judy Thurmon, proud owners' of Pawz with Us, Luxury Feline Hotel - Resort. We love cats, and we wanted to create a unique boarding facility designed exclusively for cats. We understand the unique needs of cats and the concerns of their owners, so we set out to create a pet boarding facility with special care and attention to detail that cats and their owners would appreciate. We have 30 years experience caring for cats.

Judy and I pay special attention to each and every feline guest and provide a number of amenities cats deserve to keep them feeling happy, healthy, mentally stimulated and exercised. When they are free of hearing barking dogs, and realize that this is a place where they can feel comfortable and safe, they relax and enjoy their time at our Hotel / Resort until you return to be reunited with them.

Thousands of years ago, Cats were worshiped as gods,
Cats have Never forgotten this.

Luxury Cat Boarding

You might think you'd pay more for all the amenities your cat will enjoy, but you will find our rates comparable or less than other pet boarding facilities, and just look at what your cat will get:

  • Single and Double Cat Condos
  • Luxury Oversized “Jungle and Tropical Themed Suites”
  • Multiple Cat Discounts on "Jungle and Tropical Themed Suites"
  • Indoor playground
  • If compatible, your cat(s) from same family, are out twice a day by themselves for fun and exercise at least 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening....otherwise, they are let out seperately
  • Custom climbing features
  • Water feature tube with bubbler/changing colors and artificial fish, etc.
  • 2nd story “Catio” viewing veranda
  • Integral cat walks
  • Multiple wall-mounted LCD flat screen TV’s viewable by all cats throughout our facility
  • The Fantasy Forest and Paradise Island
  • Special high quality water filtration. Superior filtration means great taste so the cats tend to drink more water. Stainless steel water/food bowls cleaned and changed at least twice a day.
  • Human comfort level temperature maintained 24/7.
  • Large Capacity Three Stage H.E.P.A. air filtration unit in facility.
  • Lots of petting, playing, praise, exercise, cat DVD’s and toys
  • 24/7 whole-house generator on standby
  • … and much more!!

Your cat will enjoy private, supervised exercise sessions each day where they can play, exercise and explore our facility outside of their “Cat Condo” or “Spacious Jungle and Tropical Themed Suites”.

Cat Boarding Discounts

We give discounts for the following: Multiple Cats, 14 day or longer stay, 30 day (which is the maximum stay). In addition, we offer 28 years experience (as of May 2020) with cats as a husband and wife team.

We pledge the following to you:

  • Closed Circuit Video and Audio Monitoring by facility owners for enhanced security.
  • Your cat will have a clean well-supervised and mind-stimulating place to stay while you’re away.
  • Our facility is upstairs in our home, so you don't have to be worried about your cat being left in an unattended building overnight, we are there with them if they should need anything.
  • Cats are checked and condos and litter boxes are cleaned frequently.
  • Cat beds and nap pads are either foam shampooed, dried, and vacuumed or laundered for incoming guests.
  • All cat trees, carpets and perches are steam cleaned before new guests occupy any of our oversized "Luxury Jungle and Tropical Themed Suites".

Cat Friendly Entertainment



Cat friendly videos run throughout the day on multiple 42" flat screen TV's.

Luxury Cat Boarding - Serving the Lake Conroe and Montgomery since 2008